2018 – 2020  Poison in Paradise (in development)

Camera/Sound/Drone Op/Editor (Dir: Exan Auyoung)

Feature length documentary investigating prevalence of birth defect: Gastroschisis


2010 – 2017   State of Exception 


Residents of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic favelas band together to resist forced eviction from their homes to make way for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.


2016 Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel The Lords of the Rings

Camera/Sound/Drone Operator

Two-hour HBO special investigating corruption at the IOC (International Olympic Committee), viewed by 4 million television viewers in its first broadcast, the most highly rated show in the history of the Program.

2016   Black Code

Additional Camera/Sound/Translator/Assistant-Editor (Dir: Nick de Pencier)

Feature length documentary about surveillance and international espionage.


2014  Peter Wintonick Remembered


Commissioned by Hot Docs


2013   Rhythms of Resistance


Rio de Janeiro introduces a controversial policing program (UPP) in the favelas. Artists resist against police brutality and social exclusion through their music and performance art


2013    Migrant Dreams

Camera/Sound  (Dir: Min Sook Lee)


2013    The Plutocrats

Sound (Clearwater Documentary)

Feature length Documentary based on the New York Times Bestseller; Plutocrats – The Rise of The Global Super Elite and the Fall of Everyone Else, by Chrystia Freeland.


2012    Teo in Toronto (TVO)

Camera/Sound  (Dir: Min Sook Lee)

Follow-up to Min Sook’s 2003 film: El Contrato, exploring the plight of migrant agricultural workers in Ontario.


2012     Jack: The Innovative Educator at RU

Camera/Editor (Dir: Min Sook Lee)

Short documentary about Jack Layton’s legacy as a professor at Ryerson University.


2012    The Secret Trial 5

Camera (Producer: 52 Media)


2011- 2012    Hot Docs Film Festival

Video Production Coordinator (Director/Producer/Editor)

Coordinate a crew of twelve to produce a series of promotional videos in advance of the festival as well as dailies screened online and in theatres during the festival.


2011 Demur


SYNOPSIS: One citizen, one camera, one horrific weekend in Toronto. While violence robbed the headlines at the G20 Summit, the urgent pleas of an international citizen movement were silenced in what the Ontario Ombudsman André Marion describes as “the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history”.


2011 Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands
CBC DocZone & The Nature of Things two-hour special.

Additional Photography

Operating as a one-person crew, I traveled to Washington with the film’s protagonist Dene elder Francois Paulette, recorded the G20 protests in Toronto, and logged and captured more than 100 tapes of raw footage (DVCPRO HD & HDCAM)


2011 G20: You should have stayed home
CBC The Fifth Estate

Additional Footage

Investigative reporter Gillian Findlay confronts Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair with footage recorded by Seven Generations at the G20 protests.


2010   An Urban Tragedy
(co-directed with Tom Radford)

Director/Editor/Graphics/Sound Designer/Translator 

A preliminary version of the documentary was unveiled at the opening ceremonies of the UN Habitat World Urban Forum 5 in Rio de Janeiro to an audience of 8,000 international delegates, including several heads of state.


2010   Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman

Additional Footage – provided for June 28, 2010 broadcast


2008   IPCC 4th Assessment Report on Climate Change

Pro-bono advocacy